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Globe Valve

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Globe Valve


 Cryogenic storage valve are designed for the handling of cryogenic liquids on storage tanks, transports, and pipelines.

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Long Stem Bronze, Short Stem Bronze, Long Stem Sus

  • Primary Material of Construction: Bronze, Sus
  • Packing Material: PCTFE
  • Bonnet Type: Square Flange Type
  • Valve Size: 3/8"~2"
  • Media criteria: L-CO₂, L-N₂, L-O₂, L-Ar, LNG, L- C₂H₄
  • Design Pressure: 3.0~4.0MPa
  • Design Temperature: -196℃ ~ 75℃
  • End Connection: Socket Welding
  • Standard: NET(New Excellent Technology)


  • Easy to keep for long term as a liquid.
  • high efficiency, durability and heat insulation.
  • Strictly prevents the leakage of air from the tank.
  • Easy to control Small amount of flow.
  • keep an extremely low temperature at using time.


  • Certification of NET
  • Certification of CE

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